Mars ( Mangal, Bhom) is the planet of action, energy and success. The natives of this planet are strategic beings who are analytical, resourceful and have strong will power. 

In astrological terms, this fiery planet is called Mangal Graha and rules Scorpio & Aries. It endows the Scorpio people with strong leadership skills and influences their energies to help them achieve their life-term goals.

 Mars also plays an important role in a person’s marriage and is responsible for Mangal Dosha in the birth chart of a person. 

Mars is the giver of corporeal energy, action and passion. It is the force that pushes you to act and react, to take initiatives, to make bolder moves, and to lead by example. Its energy is intense, and can be both positive and negative. 

Mars can make you passionately romantic but also a slave of the senses. It can make you valiant but also violent, a warrior but also a worrier. Mars holds special significance in marital happiness. 

This further necessitates a deep study of its next transit to assess how it may affect you. Its movement in 2018 is particularly crucial as it will be forming many key combinations while moving through the zodiacal cycle, especially when it passes over Ketu in Capricorn, a period of potential aggression and violence. 
Mars transit in Scorpio from Libra will take place on Wednesday January 17, 2018 at 05:34 AM.
Read how Mars transit to Scorpio will influence the health and happiness of your Moon Sign , IN GENERAL .


Arians, you might feel impatient by some obstacles in your projects and that other people are intentionally thwarting your efforts, especially authority figures or supervisors. You might find it difficult to maintain cordial relations with your boss. He/She might be suspecting you at work without any reason.

Focusing on what is most important will help you from impeding your own progress. The year may not start positively as you might run into quarrels with your spouse. Nonetheless, from mid of January, Mars would improve your health and energy level. From 7th March onwards till 2nd May, father’s heath may go downhill.

You may feel spiritually inclined during this period. Mars is in exalted state from 2nd May to 6th November transiting house of career.

This would bring positive results in professional matters. You would have the right amount of courage and energy to fulfill ambitions. Opponents would feel weaker against you. Towards the end of the year, Mars would propel financial gains by helping you make the best use of your skills and efforts.

There are strong chances of relocating. You might have to face a weak period due to health problems. So, take all the precautions regarding health.


Taureans, there’s great potential for hard work and productive results. You might be challenged by someone to develop a steady and organized approach to your physical activities; also, to pace yourself according to the demands of the situation.

Exerting too much force might result in unpleasant consequences; especially, if it is a reaction to something you dislike. You have to focus on the activities at home and relationship with your spouse. For Taurus, the start of the year may not be very encouraging due to health related expenses on spouse.

Your partner may become too irritable and easy to anger during the period from 17th Jan to 7th March 2018.

From then onward, the period until 6th November 2018 does not look very promising on the marital front. There is a strong need to make adjustments and compromises from both ends. From 6th November to 23rd December, Mars may help you establish some foreign connections for business expansion.

You are advised to select friends with great care. Lastly, you will observe that your challenges are more towards your likings at home rather than outside.


Geminis, you will have the least negative impact of these planetary positions on you. Hence, you can make out productive results with hard work and dedication. As enthusiasm creates a positive outcome. The time is right to begin new things.

During this transit, you might give an immediate response to the personal challenges. However, you need to think before taking others opinion too personally. This is the best period to compete and grab success. Start of the year shows average trends.

Nonetheless, Mars is forming positive conjunctions this year that would help accelerate financial growth and prosperity. On the downside, children might have to suffer on the health front.

During the period from 17th January to 7th March, you also need to be watchful of your enemies. Thankfully, transit Rahu may help keep situation under control. Mars would definitely help you overpower opponents and enemies. However, during the period from 7th March to 2nd May 2018, your marital harmony may deteriorate. Frequent conflicts and scarce possibilities of romance are expected.

After 2nd May to until 6th November, your expenses might increase to dramatic levels. You may also create new secret enemies. Nonetheless, after October 11, there are possibilities of some professional achievement that would add to your reputation. Luck is in your favor and you can take risks, but should avoid gambling etc. with your resources.


Cancerians, positive thinking will help you to attune easily with the environment around you. Due to this transit, you are likely to enhance your position. It is advised to resolve longstanding or complex problems in a better way. An indirect and soft approach in communicating with people will bring success.

Your long distance travelling can bring favorable and productive outcomes. Cancer, the year may not start enthusiastically due to overboard expenses on children and progeny matters but don’t worry, your career progress would be remarkable. Period from 17th Jan to 7th March 2018 looks highly fortunate for children’s health and also for students seeking higher education. Students are likely to excel in competitive activities due to their high energy level and drive to succeed.

After 7th March to until 2nd May, health of children may again suffer. Some losses on the business front are also indicated during this period. Nonetheless, the period after 2nd May to until 6th November is highly fortunate in career matters and you may achieve new heights of success with your hard work and patience.

Thereafter, some of your irrational decisions could cause defame, so beware. You would be more concerned this time with your future and children. In this period you can display your best abilities very easily. Only thing you have to follow is to make decisions patiently.


Lions, you might face challenging situations. If you’ve been holding in your expressions, they might get inclined to hurt others. But you’ll often find yourself in situations that are inappropriate. Therefore, learn to deal in a constructive way. Pay close attention to your health as you’re taking unnecessary stress.

Leo, the year may start favorably but domestic peace may suffer to some extent until 7th March. Fortune would begin to favor after that until 2nd May. During this period, you would enjoy material comforts and students would also find this period fortunate. Children would become hard working and industrious. In terms of family happiness, the period from 2nd May to 6th November 2018 demands caution as parents’ health could cause worry.

You may also observe some friction and conflicts in the family environment. Thereafter, things would improve on the family front but some strain in expected in marital relationship due to ego issues and superiority complex. Disagreements and conflict of interests would occur more frequently. If you have hereditary heart problems, you must consult a doctor before this period. If some disputes related to property occur, you should try to resolve them with cordial behavior.


Virgos, you will be bound to think more about your relationship with your spouse. Some health issues of your partner might worry you. If there are legal issues related to personal relationships, then this period might end them. There could be outflow of money and matters related to loans which might become a burden and cause agitation.

You might be less supported by your social circle in the time of need. At the start of the year, you may end up having arguments with people who do not wish you well. Nonetheless, you would be fearless, energetic and highly determined until 7th March, so much so that your enemies would feel weak and helpless. While siblings would enjoy good comforts from 7th March to 2nd May 2018, domestic environment could be a bit bitter.

The period thereafter until 6th November is rosy and pleasant for lovers. With more passion and romance, your relationship would grow further. However, health of children may get affected during this period. After 6th November, siblings might also feel low on the health front so take care. It is recommended to be careful while handling tools and machines, including your kitchen knife.


Librans, you might feel stuck in the matters related to family and when it comes to obey the rules of the family. Financially, this period is favorable and you can have major benefits through properties. You might also gain profits from unusual sources. In the matters related to marriage, there could be an exceptional delay.

As the year begins, your state of health may deteriorate to some extent. You may also become irritable and harsh in your speech until 7th March 2018, which may send people away and affect your image. Your speech would become a lot more polite and effective after 11th October though. From 7th March to 2nd May 2018, you would feel fearless, brave, active, and determined, ready to topple opponents and have control.

However, this period is not much promising for siblings. Your family relationships may also get strained from May until 6th November so maintain a calmer attitude. You may also act a bit too aggressive on the work front, which could backfire. The period after 6th November is favorable to indulge in love relationships and more financial gains are expected too.

Some unseen hindrances and obstacles might be seen. Respecting parents and elders is the key to manage life more wisely in this period.


Scorpions, your desire for personal freedom will be intense and you’re likely to spend most of the time in experimenting. Due to an overconfident attitude, people may try to make distance from you. Taking too much risk and adamant decision making might hurt people. 2018 may start with some personal expenses.

Opponents may try to trouble you but you know how to handle them. From 17th Jan to 7th March 2018, you would enjoy good health. You would instill high energy and enthusiasm into any task you may undertake. Thereafter until 2nd May, you would have an enjoyable time but may indulge in drinking and drugs.

Financially, you would have a stable period, thanks to your efficient decisions. From 2nd May to 6th November, exalted Mars may make you a bit too aggressive.

Temper issues could land you in trouble. After 6th November, domestic harmony may suffer but towards the last few days of the year, things would be better. Take utmost care of parents’ health.

Working intelligently on practical grounds and taking steps carefully will keep you away from arguments. Lastly, good news is that there is lot of scope for grand success in career.


Sagittarians, this is a favorable period for those who are planning to move to distant places or want to move abroad. Confusions, delays, non-guidance are the major obstructions and challenges of this period. During this transit, you have to be self dependent. Take care of parents as well as your health.

An attitude to forgive and forget will be helpful to loosen the knots that bind you to the past. The start of the year may bring good financial gains and growth for children. From 17th Jan onward, you may become too extravagant in your spending habits until 7th March. Naturally, the repercussions could be troublesome for your financial health.

This year you might indulge in some investments and donations too. Mars would allow you to silence your enemies but this may also cause some harm to you.

Mars is also positioned to cause disputes with your partner. After 7th March, expenses would be there but mostly on self. From then to until 2nd May, transit planets form a good Raj Yoga too so fame and wealth is expected. The period until 6th November projects financial affluence.

You would have more power, money and resources at hand. Children and students would also perform well in both academic and non-academic pursuits.

Your children may also make you proud with an achievement after 6th November. There can be lot of expenses on children. It would be great to take a dip in holy water.


Capricorns, this is a favorable period for asset development and financial benefits from properties. In this period, property market is at decline all over the world but you can make profits. Your dream for a home will be fulfilled. Be cordial with colleagues and elders.

Domestic harmony is indicated as the year begins and you would also have good financial gains from your career endeavors. You skills would help gain more profits until 7th March. But personal health and children’s health demand care. After 7th March, your expense may reach an alarming state.

You may also spend on charitable causes. Relationship with spouse may get strained during this period due to difference in viewpoints.

From 2nd May until 6th Nov, financial prospects look good. Your social circle would grow and domestic environment also looks peaceful. After 6th November, your family members would bring some gains to you as well. Health of father and children needs attention though. You’ll be quick to defend yourself or promote your own agenda.

Use this time to grow and to acquire things you wish for. You must be careful especially regarding food habits, as you might face seasonal health problems.


Aquarians, this is the period to work on the ideas you are holding for yourself. You will be more confident and responsible which will enhance your career. You might face pressure resulting in exaggerating your abilities or going past boundaries that you have set for yourself. Enjoy your work and give your best.

You would be highly appreciated for your execution of projects. Aquarians, 2018 would begin favorably for siblings but domestic harmony may be missing. Things would be better on the home front after 17th Jan to 7th March and during this period, you would observe good career progress too. Your status and reputation would increase. Health however demands attention in this period. Afterwards, financial gains would increase until 2nd May 2018. You may acquire multiple sources of income. Your patience would pay off during this period.

After 2nd May to until 6th November 2018, you might get an opportunity to build professional contacts and liaisons abroad. Matters related to relationship and marriage would be stressful due to excess burden at the workplace. Keep yourself healthy by working physically more than mentally.


Pisceans, your health should be the prime concern in this period. Schedule your timetable with regular physical exercise. In this period strong “Astha-Laxmi” yoga is activated and you can have huge earnings with least efforts.

There could be ambiguity and confusion in decisions making, still if you have fixed aim and have clear vision of your path, you will get substantial success. Start of the year looks promising for wealth accumulation. From latter half of January to 7th March, luck would favor and you would gain more wisdom and strong will power. This period also indicates success in money matters. Afterwards until 2nd May, your career progress would be promising.

Your work would be appreciated and recognized. However, mental pressure is indicated due to disturbances in family. During 2nd May to 6th November, you might gain a new source of income too. Financial gains would be satisfactory, even beyond your expectations. Health would also improve after 11th October. Children and students seeking higher education would remain in high spirits too. You may also expect your siblings to do well this year.

Take all the steps to maintain good health as it is important to do well in career. Follow the righteous path and respect the tradition of your family.

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