Facing hurdles or getting delayed results? It could be  , “Vish Yoga”.

A person’s work and behavior is often determined by the auspicious and inauspicious yoga in the native’s Kundli. An auspicious yoga gives positive results whereas the inauspicious one tends to have a negative impact.

If you are able to identify the inauspicious yoga then you can take necessary precautions or follow certain solutions to mitigate its ill-effects. 

Lets familiarize you with this bad yog called Vish Yoga and few simple general measures to reduce its impact.

Vish Yog happens when Saturn and Moon come together or when they conjunct. Their combination is called Vish Yoga.

Few Reasons for the formation of Vish Yoga

1. If the Moon is in Ascendant and Saturn has its drishti on Moon , also on the third, seventh and tenth houses of the horoscope.

2. If in Cancer, Saturn is in Pushya Nakshatra and Moon in Capricorn is in Shravan Nakshatra or Saturn and Moon are in the opposite directions but are observing each other from their respective positions then that also forms a Vish Yoga.

3. If in the 8th house, Rahu is present and Saturn is in (Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio) ascendants, it results in Vish Yoga.

Effects of Bad Vish Yoga

It can lead to death, fear, humiliation, diseases, depression , ill-reputation, struggle, laziness, opposite sex imagining, financial constraints and losses.

It makes the person pessimistic and the native has to face a lot of troubles on the personal as well as on the professional front.

How to recognize Vish Yoga?

You can consult a learned astrologer who will analyze your kundli and inform you about Vish Yoga.

Remedies For Vish Yog

Shivji puja upasana  chanting ,  Om Namah Shivaya , daily 108 times , morning and evening.

Chant Mahamrityunjaya Mantra daily (5 maala jaap).

Praying to Hanumanji will  help immensely .

Worship Shani Devji on Saturday early morning or evening ,  offering oil ( Tel-Abhishek).