There are many things in life that we start on, but we never complete/finish them in spite of being very intelligent or applying the best of resources.

Bhaiyaji says , Mukhya Graha and Bhagyesh are responsible for this. These planets – if weak – may cause a lot of hurdles or will not let the work materialize.Weakness of the Moon will also cause a lot of barriers.

If many of your planets are weak, or don’t give positive results, then you’ll be almost in tears to get your work doneincluding marriage.

The above also cause one to change their job or profession, but each yields the same problems.

For specific problems and remedies , please consult a learned astrologer .


Feed “Kamal-kakkadi” to male buffalo on Saturdays for a year.

Donate Milk On Saturdays.

On Mondays, Donate Oil.

Tuesdays, offer  a “Chameli Oil Diya” in   flowing  water and Worship Hanumanji.

The above need to be done Throughout Life.

Must Do Remedies For PitraDosh (Please refer our old post on PitraDosh).

People Who Aren’t Able to Take Decisions at the Right Time

Some people are not able to take decisions on time or at all. Taking the right decisions at the right time is important to succeed in life. These people’s life and mind line are usually attached in chain life formation for a longer time. Also, there might be moles on the mount of Moon.

When time wants to give you bad results, the first effect is on your brain.

Such people will talk a lot, but will never do the remedies.They may give suggestions to others, but will never apply the same on themselves. They’ll also have good reasoning power to not do work. This is caused by Rahu. They will start many types /  kinds of work, job, or sports, but they will not complete any.


For specific problems and remedies , please consult a learned astrologer .

Don’t eat spicy food.

Don’t eat non veg.

Don’t take any drugs/alcohol.

Eat raw vegetables and fruits directly from the tree.

Walk barefoot on soil.

Take 51 pcs. of yellow colored (Kaudi) and burn them with Ghee. Put  the ash in flowing  water.

For women, it’s beneficial to get your nose pierced on left side and put silver ( no studs etc. ).

People Who Are Unable to Get Married

Do a Ganpati-Sahaystra Yagya as soon as your marriage date is set,before announcing to everyone.

Tie a knot in your cloth/handkerchief. Open it after the marriage.

Put a  Haldi Tilak on Ganesh ji everyday and offer him besan sweets – add some honey/gud to it too.This should be done until one is married.

Feed Besan (Gram flour) or Chana Dal to Cows on Thursdays Until Marriage.

Give green grass to 100 cows as soon as your marriage date is set – for people whose marriage keeps breaking.

When people/relatives gossip about the people who’re about to get married and if this causes the planned marriage to get cancelled,then it’s caused by Pitra Dosh for which you need to do remedies.

Problems In Business & Getting Promotion

If your luck line is Wavy, is cut, or has lines going towards the Mars area, then you may not get the deserved promotion or you may not get a job at all.

Do anonymous donation for the renovation/repair of the place of worship. This should be done anytime you face such problems – it can be even 10 times in your life. You may even donate one brick if you can’t afford much provided it’s from your heart and that was your capability.

1-2 times per year, collect some silver from everyone in the family and go to the Ganges or any Pavitra Nadi / River in your state , with it. Ask for forgiveness of anything wrong you may have done and let the silver flow in the water.

Every month, on Shukla Paksh Navmi, do / read  Shrisookt Paath. This will make sure all your efforts will yield positive results.

House Related Problems Or You’re Not Able To Get A Good Location For Your Home

All people of the house should collect about 51 yellow Kaudi and after burning it with ghee and put its Ash in  flowing  water , it will help all property  related issues to be sorted. This can be done once to  thrice  a year.

Such people should always keep their teeth clean.

Women of such families should get their nose pierced.

The head of the family should brush his teeth with Babool Datun. He should also take “Plash” flowers and put them in  flowing water on Tuesdays.

If You’re Having Problems In Your Work Due To Other People ( purposely)

Wear Ashwa Root ( u may get free from our office ) , around your neck and do the following jap until your work is done: “Om Ham Hanumatey Rudratmkay Hum Phat” with Rakt Chandan Beads Mala.

In general, for everyone, whose work never gets completed smoothly, they should start their work on “Puranmashi” or “Shukla Paksh’s Panchmi, Shashti, Saptmi, Ashtmi Or Tryodashi”.

You may have also have in your birth chart , “Karm-Hani Yog, such people don’t feel like doing working for /  themselves or their work will get Superseded by other people’s work. Such people,Should Not Start Any Important  Work On Chaturthi, Navmi, or Amavasya. Start any big work on Thursday evening and after consulting your Guru. Do Surya upasana life long . Don’t eat non-vegetarian food.

They should make “Pitra Pind ” from flour and Black Till ,on Amavasya and put in flowing  water the same day – Every Month.

They should Ask for  “Sorry” for anything wrong they may have done , also they should never make anyone to feel Emotionally Hurt , Especially Mother , Sister , Wife , Daughter.