Are you friends or children having weak Sun in birth chart ? Here is why they need to worship Sun , Bhaiyaji tells us importance of Worshiping Surya.

For everyone Surya is very important. It is necessary to worship Sun. If  one has criss cross lines on Surya mound(below ring finger)  then one should understand Sun is weak. If Sun’s finger(Ring Finger), is bending towards Saturn’s finger then also sun is weak.If Ring finger Mound is weak/daba hua  , Sun is weak in chart.

If Sun is weak then you cannot get high prestige fame and good position. Even if you get then you also get blame/problems later in life. You cannot get father’s love, self-confidence, position, prestige, education and so on.

If you do worship of Sun you get vitamin D. Sun has all the power. It is center of energy. By worshiping it we get prestige, position, education, self-confidence, muscles, bones and so on.

Wake up during Sunrise time. After taking bath you have to sit facing east . Fill clean  water in copper or mud urn. You can also keep water in wooden urn to get rid of skin problem. Add akshat (rice), roli, jaggery and red flower.

Offer water slowly to Sun . Drops should not fall on your feet . Chant “Om Ghrni Suraya Namah”. You can also chant Gayatri mantra.Offer jaggery and wheat , can distribute and have some as prasad.

You can read Adityahridaye Strot for 3 times (one time at least).