“Namkaran Sanskar” is one of the most important of the “16 Hindu Samskar / Solaha Sanskar’ or rituals. In the Vedic traditional, ‘Namkaran’ (Sanskrit ‘nam’ = name; ‘karan’ = create) is the formal naming ceremony performed to select a newborn’s name using traditional methods and astrological rules of naming. This is generally a happy ritual – with the tensions of childbirth now over, the family comes together to celebrate the birth of the child with this ceremony.
Namkaran is also called ‘Palanarohan’ in some traditions, which refers to putting a child into the cradle (Sanskrit ‘palana’ = cradle; ‘arohan’ = onboard). In Tamil Namkaran sanskar is called “Peyariduvizha” , in Sindhi “Chatti” .

When is Namkaran Held?

Traditionally, the Namkaran ceremony is conducted after the ‘Jatakarma’ samskara, which is performed at the time of the birth of the child.

Nowadays, with more and more births taking place in the hospital, this ritual has become a part of the Namkaran ceremony, which is performed within a few weeks of the baby’s birth.

Strictly speaking, the naming ceremony should be held 11 days after birth-immediately preceding the ‘Sutika’ or ‘Shuddhikaran or Sutak’ period when the mother and child are confined to intensive postpartum or post-natal care. However, the 11th day is not fixed and can be decided by the parents based on a priest or an astrologers advice, and can extend even up to the baby’s first birthday.

In Hindu Culture, Namkaran Ceremony is performed to choose a newborn’s name. For all parents who are looking forward for this ceremony, Bhaiyaji  brings us Namkaran Sanskar Muhurat 2016. Pick up the best date to bless your baby with a beautiful name

Below is the table of ‘Namkaran Sanskar Muhurat 2016. Choose the best auspicious date from here:

Date Tithi Day Nakshatra
1 January Paush Krishna 7 Friday In Uttara Falguni
6 January Paush Krishna 11 Wednesday In Anuradha
7 January Paush Krishna 12 Thursday In Anuradha
11 January Paush Shukla 2 Monday Ahoratri
15 January Paush Shukla 6 Friday Ahoratri
20 January Paush Shukla 11 Wednesday After Bhadra
21 January Paush Shukla 12 Thursday In Mrigshira
28 January Magh Krishna 4 Thursday Panchami Conjoining In Uttara Falguni
3 February Magh Krishna 10 Wednesday Before Bhadra In Anuradha
9 February Magh Shukla 1 Tuesday Ahoratri
10 February Magh Shukla 2 Wednesday In Satabhisha
17 February Magh Shukla 10 Wednesday After Vaidhriti Yoga In Mrigshira
24 February Falguni Krishna 2 Wednesday In Uttara Falguni
25 February Falguni Krishna 3 Thursday In Uttara Falguni
7 March Falguni Krishna 13 Monday In Trayodashi
10 March Falguni Shukla 2 Thursday Ahoratri
11 March Falguni Shukla 3 Friday In Tritiya
24 March Chaitra Krishna 1 Thursday In Chitra
25 March Chaitra Krishna 2 Friday In Chitra
28 March Chaitra Krishna 5 Monday In Anuradha
4 April Chaitra Krishna 12 Monday Ahoratri
11 April Chaitra Shukla 5 Monday Ahoratri
18 April Chaitra Shukla 12 Monday In Uttara Falguni
29 April Vaishakh Krishna 7 Friday Before Bhadra In Saptami
2 May Vaishakh Krishna 10 Monday After Bhadra, Also In Satabhisha
4 May Vaishakh Krishna 12 Wednesday Ahoratri
9 May Vaishakh Shukla 3 Monday In Tritiya
16 May Vaishakh Shukla 10 Monday Before Bhadra
18 May Vaishakh Shukla 12 Wednesday Before Vyatipata In Chitra
26 May Jyeshtha Krishna 4 Thursday In Panchami
27 May Jyeshtha Krishna 5 Friday Ahoratri
1 June Jyeshtha Krishna 11 Wednesday In Revati
6 June Jyeshtha Shukla 1 Monday In Mrigshira
15 June Jyeshtha Shukla 10 Wednesday In Chitra
22 June Ashadh Krishna 2 Wednesday After Bhadra In Uttara Ashadh
24 June Ashadh Krishna 4 Wednesday In Panchami
27 June Ashadh Krishna 7 Monday Saptami Conjoining In Uttara Bhadrapad
15 July Ashadh Shukla 11 Friday In Anuradha, Also Bhadra
20 July Shravan Krishna 1 Wednesday Ahoratri
21 July Shravan Krishna 2 Thursday Ahoratri
22 July Shravan Krishna 3 Friday Before Bhadra
25 July Shravan Krishna 6 Monday Before Bhadra In Shashthi
29 July Shravan Krishna 10 Friday After Bhadra