Sun Transit In Capricorn – January 15, 2016

sun-transitOn January 15, 2016, Sun will transit in Capricorn. How will this planetary movement affect our country, world, and Moon signs? How much auspiciousness this transit has? Bhaiyaji  answers all in this general article based on your Ascendent.

Sun transit in Capricorn will change your life in 2016.Sun will transit from moon  sign Sagittarius to moon sign Capricorn on January 15, 2016 at 01:17 am (according to the time of Delhi). Sun is categorised as a malefic planet and its own zodiac sign is Leo . Sun is considered exalted in Aries , the moon sign of Mars . Its debilitated sign is Libra , which is the zodiac sign of Venus . Only one aspect of Sun is considered to be direct and that is seventh aspect, it means that Sun aspects the sign which is exactly in front of him. In Capricorn, Sun will form conjunction with Mercury and Venus and here it will be aspected by Saturn and Jupiter . Capricorn is an enemy sign for Sun. Its presence in Capricorn will make the food items expensive and government especially opposition , may not take appropriate decisions for people. Conflicts among politicians and some terrorist activities are possible. The presence of Sun in Capricorn will directly affect signs Capricorn and Cancer . Apart from this, all zodiac moon signs will also get affected by this transit.

Note : These are general predictions by Bhaiyaji , based on your Ascendant .

For Arians, this transit will take place in your tenth house. Arrival of Sun in tenth house will increase fame and respect. Those who are into political and social field will get success after doing a bit of struggle. Some disputes or health issues are possible with father and higher officials. This time is not very favorable for your financial situation.

Arrival of Sun in the ninth house for Taureans will increase your luck. This transit is going to be very favorable for you, because of the conjunction of ascendant lord, eleventh house lord, fourth house lord and fifth house lord. This transit will bring benefits in education & competition, promotion in job, success in business, financial progress and happiness from children. Overall, this transit is favorable from every aspect.

Transit of Sun will reduce your confidence. Decline in domestic happiness, disputes with siblings are foreseen. This transit is also likely to be troublesome for your siblings. This time might remain a bit unfavorable for your health. You may have to suffer political defeat or your loved ones might get annoyed from you.

This time is going to be favorable for work and business. Married people will get profits from in-laws. Unmarried people are also likely to get success in love affairs after some problems and disputes. Despite all favorable situations, some ideological differences are possible with life-partner. Your love affair might get converted into marital relationship.

Be very cautious regarding your health during this transit, because time is not favorable for it. You may feel lack of domestic happiness. Drive carefully and use electrical appliances very carefully. Those who are into political and social field may have to face some crucial situations.

Lots of expenses are likely to occur because of your child. Time would remain favorable for increase in knowledge. Time would remain a bit unfavorable for pregnant ladies. This transit is going to be favorable for financial matters. Money will come from more than one source. Time is going to be very favorable for those who are participating in any educational competition. Maintain good relationship with your father.

Take care of your mother’s health. This transit will increase your domestic happiness and pleasures. Expenses will take place on maintenance of home. Success is possible in political and social works after facing some problems. Take care of health of female members of the family, also try to maintain a cordial relationship with them.Respect and help your Guru/Father.

Disputes are possible with brothers and close friends. Journeys will not produce the desired results. People related to political and social field will have to try hard for getting success because chances of some losses are there for them. Avoid taking financial risks. It will not be appropriate for you to depend on luck for any matter.

You will be able to gain money on the basis of your intellect. Eloquence will remain at its peak. You will turn people in favor with your speech and logic. By virtue of your wisdom, you will make difficult task easier. Luck will support you, especially in financial matters. This is an appropriate time for taking any big decision.

Health may trouble you a bit, but chances of getting desired success are arising in state related work. Those who are leading a political and social life will get many new opportunities. Decision making ability will improve drastically. But, this transit may also give you some problems in domestic life.

This transit is not going to be favorable for domestic matters. Some problems are likely to arise in married life. Those who are in love will also face ups and downs in their relationship with arguments and mental stress. Journeys will remain tiresome and useless. Stay cautious in financial matters.

Expenses are likely to occur due to arguments, diseases or enemies. Take care of your child’s health. Although, this is a good time for  education and competitions. Political and social people are likely to get more losses and less benefits. Avoid show-off and keep in mind that presenting your opinions in front of others will improve your reputation.

Please note ,these are general predictions by Bhaiyaji and  are based on your ascendant . The actual result of Sun transit can only be determined after examining the position of Sun in your birth chart and present period and sub-period. So, take  suggestion of experts in special situations.

Bhaiyaji advises few general very important remedies / ways  to Avoid Malefic Effects Of Sun.

Maintain good relationship with Father , Guru .
Make donations for pacifying Sun. You can donate items like wheat, copper utensils, lentils, red cloth etc.
Offer water to Sun regularly. Its a “Rambaan” remedy.
Perform the ritual of “Chakshushopanishad “for avoiding eye problems due to Sun.
Perform the ritual of Aditya Hridya Strot for avoiding diseases, jail or embarrassment .