Basant Panchami , or the glorious day of Saraswati Puja is on February 12, 2016. At this time, spring bows its head and bids a goodbye to winters. Goddess Saraswati blesses us with wisdom. Bhaiyaji  in this post tells us why & how we cherish dual celebration on this day.

On 12th of February in 2016, Basant Panchami will be celebrated along with Maa  Saraswati Puja. This day is celebrated as the birthday of Goddess Saraswati. She gifted the world with knowledge, wisdom, and sound & music. So, Saraswati Puja is done on this day. During Saraswati Puja, various rituals are followed. The day also indicates the start of spring season. It is the time when the mustard fields bloom with beautiful yellow flowers. Hence, yellow is the theme color for Basant Panchami. Follow this theme in 2016 and create the spring environment all around. Lets now know in detail about the significance of this auspicious day.

Basant Panchami is the Hindu festival that initiates the arrival of spring. As per Hindu Calendar , Basant Panchami is celebrated on the fifth day of the Hindu month of Maagh. While, as per the Gregorian calendar, this festival comes around the months of January and February. As Vasant Panchami marks the beginning of spring season, the Indian festival of colors, Holi adds fun element in welcoming the king of seasons. Basant Panchami has many traditions and legends associated with it. Along with the welcome of spring season, it is associated mainly withGoddess Saraswati. On this day, people worship Goddess Saraswati; hence, it is also called the day for Saraswati Puja. Goddess Saraswati is considered as the Goddess of knowledge, culture, wisdom, music, and arts. Hence, Saraswati Puja is also important for the students. During Basant Panchami, mustard fields get filled up with yellow colored flowers. Hence, yellow color also has an immense importance on the occasion of Vasant Panchami. In addition to Saraswati Puja & other celebrations, there is a wonderful event associated to this day i.e. kite flying festival. On this day, people all across the country fly colorful kites to raise the zest and zeal of this day. One interesting fact about this day is its association with astrology. Spring season has an influence on planet Venus, which is the indicator of love, amusement, and charm.