Adityahridaye Stotra is the 105th chapter of Valmiki Ramayana. Augustaya Rishi had told  Ramji to worship Surya and chant Adityahridaye Stotra to win in the war. If you want to get power same as Sun or you want to win in court or legal matters then reading this  would be very beneficial to you.
You can also chant/read this stotra for weak Sun related matters in birth chart , father relationship , his health , and your positive fame without ego, good health especially bones , eyes , heart etc..  But there are some rules to chant it which you must  follow else you will not get good proper results.
If you have or want to go for  government job or you have any government related issues , then you must chant this stotra . If you have bone or eyes diseases , you do not have good relations with father or you have serious eye disorder then you must read it. If you want to get success in any good work then you can chant it. A person who is doing preparation for civil or administrative service they must read daily.
You must chant/read Adityahridaya Stotra in front of  rising Sun daily . But in this todays busy lifestyle  ,must read  at least on Sunday. Take bath first, offer water to the Sun and after that read this stotra in front of Surya. After chanting you must Meditate. Do not take non-veg, alcohol or mustard oil on sundays at least . You can also avoid eating salt on sundays especially after sunset.
Rashiwise Benefits :
Mesh/Aries: You will get benefit in children matters.

Vrishabh/Taurus: You will get benefit in health and property matters.

Mithun/Gemini: You can protect yourself from accidents , health issues. Your relations become good with your siblings.

Kark/Cancer: You will get good money. Headache and eye disorder can be removed by chanting it.

Singh/Leo: You get benefit in every matter and your every desire can be fulfilled.Must do remedy for all of you

Kanya/Virgo: You can get chance to go abroad, good married life and good nature.

Tula/Libra: You get good money. You win over your enemies.

Vrishchik/Scorpio: You get good carrier and education.

Dhanu/Sagittarius: You can get chance to go abroad ,  get good support from father and mercy from God.Destiny improves.

Makar/Capricorn: You get long life, good health and good benefits.

Kumbh/Aquarius: You get good married life, good business and financial benefits.

Meen/Pisces: You get success in job; win over legal matters, rid from enemies and debts.


1.Every sunday early morning , performing hawan at home office shop , with little samagri desi ghee camphor and mango tree little wood (especially fallen , collected from ground} , canting “Om Grini Suryaye Namaha” , can give immense best results in any kind of problems , children , health , name fame etc etc .
2.If you want that your/child’s memory should become sharp then keep 5 Almonds in water in the night and chew it in the morning along with one Akhrot. Your childs memory will become sharp.